WOOOW That is Amazing WWE 2021 Bill Goldberg spear Roman Reigns, Paul heyman can't believe this

WWE amazing Photoshop Goldberg Spear Roman Reigns Created in 7 June 2021 for Raw

credit for wwe.com

all wrestling superstars want this beautiful match with goldberg and roman reigns to happen,

Is a match that was paused at 2020 after 2-3 time that goldberg was face to face vs roman reigns and they signed the contract but the match was not made

For Creating this amazing photoshol i have used this photo for empty ring

with Braun Strowman vs Shane Mcmahon before Fastlane 2021 original photo

After i have created the empty ring i find this photo with Goldberg when he spear dolph ziggler 2017

And for Roman Reigns i have used this Photo when Roman Reigns superman punch Dominic Mysterio, This photo have happened in WWE Smackdown June 2021

And for the Last i have used 1 photo of Paul Heyman , that happen when paul heyman are sings songs for Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker

For Creating this amazing photoshop i have used more 2 hours work

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