WWE 2021 Brock Lesnar and Jey Uso attacks and destroys Roman Reigns

wwe photoshop like roman reigns and jey uso attacks roman reigns with chair, photo created for 17 June 2021

For creating this beautiful photoshop, for the first i have used the photo of The Rock when he returns on smackdown and together with becky lynch attacks Baron Corbin,

This is the original link for creating the Empty Ring

and the photo is with the rock and becky lynch but other photo

After i have created the empty ring, i have used the photo of 12 june 2021 smackdown with roman reigns vs rey mysterio, the original photo of roman reigns is this

i have used and the photo for Jey Uso, the original match is on smackdown 2021

when roman reigns and jey uso attack kevin owenst

the original photo is this

and for the last i have used the photo of Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez

the original match video is this

and the original photo

all credit photo are for wwe.com

for creating this photoshop i worked more 2 hours

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