WWE 2021 Giant Match with Biggest Man Braun Strowman vs Omos vs Big Show

wwe photoshop created for 18 june 2021. Amazing photoshop

For the first, i have editing the photo of Roman Reigns and Jey Uso when they attacked kevin owenst, the original photo of Empty ring is this

After i have created the empty ring, i have used the photo when Omos attack Drew Mcintyre at Raw 15 June 2021 in tag match

the original photo of Omos is this

after this photo i have used the photo of Braun Strowman vs Mark Henry in Raw i think this happen in 2018

i have editing braun strowman with this photo

And for the last i have find the photo of Big Show vs Undertaker the original photo is this

all credit photo are for wwe.com

For creating this amazing photoshop i have worked more 2-3 hours

thank you for watching, if you like my photoshop

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