WWE Brock Lesnar cheats very badly Sami Zayn

Last week at SmackDown 26 November 2021 Roman Reigns opened the black friday match, for 10 smackdown superstars and the winner to fight with roman reigns for the universal title match. this match was won by sami sayn and he is the first to fight roman reigns for universal championship match. but brock lesnar returns to smackdown this week. and brock lesnar don’t come back for anything else just to beat roman reigns for universal championship match.

So brock lesnar’s plan was fill your mind with zayn seeds because he is the number 1 face roman reigns and make the universal championship match today, right now.

and Brock Lesnar’s plan was successful, sami sayn accepted this and must make the match in order to smackdown. but what happens next

Sami Zayn accept what Brock Lesnar says and he must do the match today against roman reigns for universal championship match, and brock lesnar will challenge the winner of this match in 1 january 2022

In order to SmackDown Sami Zayn I enter the ring and while he is waiting to fight Roman Reigns thanks brock lesnar for this thing,

Brock Lesnar enters the ring and Sami tells them, that on January 1st you have to play the match against me, because today I am fighting roman reigns, something you didn’t do in crow jerew, with this thing Brock Lesnar gets angry so much and attacks Sami Zayn 3 caught with suplex city, and with the F5. After that usos and Roman Reigns enter, after a spear by Roman Reigns Sami Sayn for the match and on January 1, 2022 Roman Reigns with be face Brock Lesnar for universal championship match

WWE SmackDown result Dec. 3, 2021: Brock Lesnar destroys Sami Zayn to assure he will face Roman Reigns at Day 1

Brock Lesnar returned from suspension with his sights firmly set on gold. The Beast unleashed a vicious assault on Sami Zayn to hand Roman Reigns a victory and propelled himself into a Universal Title Rematch against the dominant Head of the Table at the Day 1 pay-per-view.

When Sami said he was going to beat Roman at WWE Day 1 and then give Brock a title opportunity, Lesnar instead looked to convince him to challenger Roman that very night on SmackDown. Sami attempted to talk his way out of it, but Brock turned on the intimidation until Zayn finally agreed. Changing is attitude on a dime, Lesnar enthusiastically promised to still by Zayn's side and "have [Sami's] back."

At Sami's side, Lesnar made sure that WWE Official Sonya Deville made the match and that he would get to face the winner of the Universal Championship Match at another title match at WWE Day 1.

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