WWE Seth Rollins attacks and destroy Brock Lesnar

WWE Photoshop created in 29 may 2021 like Seth Rollins attacks Brock Lesnar

all credit for the photos are for wwe.com

For created this beautiful photoshop i have used a smackdown ring before royal rumble 2021 this is the original ring and i have editing

After the ring i have used the photo when Rey Mysterio attacking Brock Lesnar in the match of Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez 2019 The original photo of Brock Lesnar is this

and for the last one I used the photo of seth rollins when after the match of Roman Reigns and Cesaro wrestlemania backlash 2021 Seth Rollins returns in the ring and attacks Cesaro

For creating this photoshop i have worked more 1 hours

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