WWE Brock Lesnar vs Omos vs Roman Reigns Smackdown 17 Dec 2021

WWE Smackdown December 2021 is the first photo i have used for creating the empty ring, this happen at smackdown 10 december 2021 in the match with the usos vs new day

I have deleted all these superstar in this ring and do it empty ring. only for this photo i have worked more 2 hours.

The Original photo of brock lesnar is this, at summerslam 2021 after the match with roman reigns vs john cena for universal championship match, in the end of the match brock lesnar returns and face roman reigns

The Original photo of Omos is this, in Raw 2021 in tag match when Omos attacks Drew Mcintyre. i have editing this photo do it transparent and after i have used in this photoshop

And for the last, the original photo is this, at smackdown november 2021 with Roman Reigns and the Usos vs The new Day. i have deleted all the other superstar in this photo and do it transparent only the roman reigns superstar

This is the editing photoshop, a free download , if you wants use this photoshop please give me the credit {photo by https://www.sherbimiim.com/ }

all credit photo are for wwe , i have worked for this more 3 hours

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